The Transamazon +25 Project

Adventure, nature and science in the heart of the

TransAmazon +25 is a 1,000 km (620 mile) bike trek across the Brazilian Amazon with two environmental scientists and a NASA astronaut. Their expedition will analyze environmental and social changes to this region since one of the scientists, Osvaldo Stella, did this same ride 25 years ago, and will raise awareness for the importance of taking care of this critical ecosystem and the planet in general.


Learn more about the journey, the region, and the adventurers here on the site, and be sure to follow along live via their real-time map:
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17 de October de 2017

The Adventurers

One of the interesting aspects of the Transamazon+25 Project is the combination of adventure with deep scientific knowledge, thanks to team including two well respected Amazon scientists. And Chris brings a unique perspective that is quite literally ``out of this world``, having seen this region and the planet from outer space, and will now see it from the ground.


Osvaldo Stella

A 49-year-old mechanical engineer, Osvaldo works with small-scale farmers and others to preserve forests and restore degraded areas. In 2004, he founded Iniciativa Verde, a non-profit that pioneered incentives for people to reduce greenhouse gases by restoring forests. In 2007 he joined IPAM as project coordinator. Currently he works with new development models adapted to Amazon conditions and based on maintaining standing forests. 11 Osvaldo has a Masters in Energy from the University of São Paulo and a PhD in Ecology and Natural Resources from San Carlos Federal University.


Paulo Moutinho

The 55-year-old ecologist has been working in the Amazon for over two decades. A co-founder of IPAM, he served as its chief executive for many years currently he is a senior scientist at the organization , as well as a Distinguished Policy Fellow at the Woods Hole Research Center, USA. He is the co -creator of the concept of compensation for reduced greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation, which served as the basis for forest conservation mechanisms now in place in the United Nations Climate Convention . Paulo also participated actively in the establishment of the Amazon Fund and in Brazil ‘s National Climate Policy.


Chris Cassidy (CAPTAIN, U.S. NAVY)

NASA Astronaut , 47 . Cassidy was selected by NASA in 2004 and is a veteran of two space flights. On STS-127, he became the 500th human to fly in space, and spent 16 days in orbit. He later spent another six months in space aboard the International Space Station, on Expedition 35/36. He has completed six spacewalks, totaling more than 31 hours, and accumulated 182 days in space. In July 2014 he became NASA’s 14th Chief Astronaut. Prior to NASA, Cassidy served ten years as a U.S. Navy SEAL, deploying twice to both the Mediterranean and Afghanistan, and earning two Bronze Stars (one with combat ‘V’ for valor), as well as a Presidential Unit Citation for leading a nine-day operation at the Zharwar Kili Cave on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. An avid cyclist, Cassidy completed the Ironman race at the 2014 World Championship. In November 2016, he visited Brazil to deliver inspirational talks to students in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in a series of events organized by the non-profit, Spread Positivity.